Public Relation Marketing

If you answer yes to this question, you are definitely taking a more risky path because you are no longer responding to the behavior of today’s consumers. It is time to get rid of some old methods (now out of date) before realizing that you are far behind your competitors who are advancing using methods probably more effective than yours. If you believe that the glory days of traditional marketing is still shining brightly, there is nothing in this article that you. But on the contrary, if you want to change your marketing practices, and wonder if you still use traditional marketing methods and what path to take to remedy, this article will benefit you.

 Indeed, you will find below some situations that will help you achieve progress as you understand that it may be time to review your corporate marketing strategy.

If your company spends more in traditional media than in “new media”

When talking about traditional media, it is important to understand that they contain printed advertisements such as newspapers, magazines, promotional letters and billboards. Also the commercials diffused on the radio, on television and in the cinema. The disadvantages of these media include the fact that they are expensive, ephemeral and that it is very difficult to calculate the scope and the return on investment considering that it is impossible to become acquainted with all the people who have been affected by your efforts. It becomes very complex to determine whether the marketing method has been as effective as it is to consider.

In fact, investing in traditional media does not bring consistency to the marketing strategy unlike “new media” like the web. Indeed, when one puts an online content on a given page, it becomes possible to take cognizance of the generated traffic on this page. In addition, nowadays, the society in which we evolve is much more inclined to inform itself on the Internet for any subject. The web is therefore a powerful channel for acquiring customers. Your web presence is necessary. By being away, you close the door to a crowd of potential customers and open the door to competition that will take your lead without mercy.

You are looking for quick and instant results:

Your marketing efforts may only be related to short-term goals to prove your return on investment. In order to do this, you are surely using traditional marketing. Indeed, if you focus your energies solely on a sales promotion, traditional media are probably your lifesavers every time (considering that your advertising message is broadcast in a timely manner and you want to boost your sales quickly). Only, the effect of these messages will be quickly forgotten due to the advertising clutter present in these media. This clutter, a surplus of advertising broadcast on the same media, ensures that your message has a life expectancy of only a few days. The exercise is always to start again, in addition to cost you considerable sums.

The use of the inbound marketing strategy is proving to be successful lately, as it helps to attract traffic, generate leads until it is ready for purchase, and eventually turn them into new ones. evangelists (or as loyal customers). With the use of this kind of technique, your return on investment will be much higher and you will increase the sustainability of your strategy.

In short, it is clear that traditional marketing is losing momentum unlike the “new media” available with the web. It is therefore important for your company to renew its marketing approach if it is not already done. You must never forget that there is always a competitor not far from you who has already taken the path of change and who will get ahead of you