Detroit: Become Human in PS4

Often cited in the ranking of the best ps4 games of the year , Detroit Become Human is one of those titles that have generated a huge expectation around them, without disappointing their release. It must be said that Quantic Dream, the studio behind the development of this game, is not his first try. We owe them including Fahrenheit on PS2, Heavy Rain or the famous Beyond: Two Souls on PS3. Real interactive movies that place players in front of choices that will determine the direction of the adventure.

Detroit Become Human is the first title of David Cage, founder of the Studio, on PS4. The game in development since 2013 offers the player to discover the city of Detroit in 2038. Machines rub shoulders with men, and replace them in many everyday tasks. But this evolution of society has created let go, and tensions arise between androids, pro-cyborgs and those who hate them. In this context, you will play 3 characters that will allow you to live a complex adventure in a worked scenario.

This scenario, tortured, is taking. No doubt that all the players who will be diving there will speak for a long time of this adventure. But the quality of writing the title is not the only one he can boast about.

Graphically, we reach peaks of realism , with certainly the most beautiful game on Playstation 4 we knew. Be it the characters or sets of this futuristic Detroit city, we have surprised ourselves many times to amaze ourselves like children. Nothing is left to chance, and from the interface of the menus to the game screens, the details allow us to fully experience the different stories.

And Gameplay is not left behind, with a very advanced system of choice . We must decide, sometimes quickly, what we will do. And that will have repercussions on the story. Besides, among the good ideas, we have this family tree of your decisions which shows you the different issues that they would have been possible to explore. What to redo the game several times without any weariness  !

Detroit Become Human offers a quality French version, which allows you to appreciate the acting of the dubbers and comedians who interpret the different characters. Among them, Valorie Curry seen in Twilight or Jessie Williams found in Gray’s Anatomy.

By alternating the lives of Markus, Kara and Conor, you will live an extraordinary adventure , and an experience that will mark you durably. It is this type of games, adult, immersive and that opens to a certain reflection that allows to raise the video game to the rank of art in its own right. If you like movies and video games, go for it!