Micro Tech

Artificial Intelligence In Human Life

Doing homework

Not so long ago, an artificial intelligence managed to do as well as humans on a math test. This means that she has read and understood the questions by herself, even the diagrams, which shows that the AI ​​is not only beginning to be able to solve problems but also to define them. The most basic have already managed to make their way to our app stores . In the schools of the future, it will no longer make sense to give this type of homework.

Establish a sports strategy

Team sports strategies are too complicated for artificial intelligence: it has always been a commonly shared idea. But now, even taking into account the almost infinite number of variations in human behavior and its ingenuity in the field or the track, it seems that artificial intelligence can soon develop new strategies , even for the most studied sports in the world. like football. It has been analyzed and dissected down to its substantive marrow by a machine learning algorithm. And according to the inventor of the latter, it could very well apply to other sports such as basketball or hockey. A number of teams have already taken note.


Artificial intelligence can configure optimal offensive training, but human players who implement this strategy must have the required skills. Once again, modern machine learning algorithms can help. First, it’s just a matter of gathering more and more data, from basketballs  to connected golf clubs . But the AI ​​can also provide advice, for example by watching your swing and making some corrections. And, of course, the grandfather of all these artificial intelligences is the fitness coach, which is nothing but data in a human form. Will we all be better off with AI? No, probably not. But with AI, we will have much less excuses behind which to hide.

Make propaganda

Bots destined to attack and harass online are not new, but efforts by actors around the world to broadcast independent propaganda are beginning to take shape. There is even an artificial intelligence company that sells electoral “management” (including: manipulation) to the highest bidder. His approach is to use the power of AI to analyze a large volume of data and create the most effective political campaigns. Nowadays, it means configuring the AI ​​to control the political thoughts of an individual or the message of a party … so make propaganda.